About Company

Azauro is a private, legally licensed online investment company with the goal of earning the greatest profit possible from the Cryptocurrency market. We have a team of experienced traders, financial analysts, and risk managers who have been working in this field for over 6 years. Generally our profits come from 4 different markets. Majority of the the profit earned using trading Cryptocurrencies and mining Bitcoins in our large data center in Panama and Japan. Our goal is to give all users regardless of age, location, Investment technology or experience an opportunity to participate and earn money in the Cryptocurrency market.

Another important revenue source comes from the sale of electricity and hardware of Cryptocurrency mining. As BitCoin mining demand grows and more than half of its profits are spent for mining hardware power consumption, We have noticed the great potential in this opportunity. Beginning 2012 we decided to focus our wholesale electricity trading efforts in the Cryptocurrency mining industry and built an exclusive data center from industry-leading equipment based on world-class standards to host miners in the best condition with the lowest power cost available.

To participate in the Cryptocurrency market and make Considerable profit, you don't need to be a financial expert and professional financial knowledge is not required at all. What you have to do is to put your money in our program and we will do the remaining for you, It's simple, easy and it's only $5 to get started.

We believe azauro.com will be the best partner of your happy life.

4 Simple Steps to Get Started


The process is easy and should not take more than a few minutes. Click on the REGISTER button on the homepage. You will see a simple form that you need to fill out all the necessary information.


Log in to your account, go to Deposit Page by clicking on the Make New Deposit button in the left menu. In the deposit section you have to select the desired investment plan, specify the amount you'd like to invest and select the payment processor to use.


As soon as you complete the payment progress of deposit, your deposit will become active. Every hour your earning will be sent to your account balance automatically for the duration of the selected investment plan.


Log into your personal Azauro account and go to Request Withdrawal section. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Withdrawal Requests are paid instantly. In case of an error, the withdrawal will be made manually in max. 24 hours.